Testimonial 2018

We first started with our Domus tutor to support our eldest to support his school work during a time when there seemed to be no consistency of class teacher in Year Three. Our son made such good progress that it was identified that he had the potential to take the 11 plus and so his tutor work evolved into preparing for that. As a result of this and his hard work, he comfortably passed the Grammar School entrance exam. Our younger son, who is coincidentally in Year 3 now, has been motivated by this and wants to follow his brother to Grammar so the week after the 11 plus, he inherited the Monday night slot with our tutor and we are already seeing significant improvements in his all-round school work’. Without the effort and support of our tutor I don’t think either of our boys would be doing so well. Many thanks. Mr. L. of Bournemouth.December 2018

We used Domus Tutoring for our son to help him with some exams. He was struggling with comprehension and English. The tutor we had was excellent. Very approachable and friendly but he was also firm and set clear targets. He was very good at breaking down difficult concepts in comprehension and maths and explaining it in a way that my son could grasp. Our son’s English and general approach to his school work improved dramatically and exceeded our expectations. He achieved top scores in his exams and we are very pleased. Thank you. Mrs. W. of Ringwood. December 2018

It has been very convenient to have a tutor come to our home and our tutor has been excellent and most helpful to our son. I believe our son is prepared as best as can be for the 11+. Thank you for the good luck card, he liked that. Will let you know the result when we get the notification. Our tutor has been great and our son enjoyed learning with her. We look forward to her assessing our daughter in October. Many thanks for everything you have done. We are very happy to praise “Domus Tutoring”. Thank you also to the good Proprietor with many helpful and informative emails. Thank you so much. Mrs. D. of Bournemouth September 2018 

I contacted Domus Tutoring as I was concerned my daughter, who was in year 9, was starting to struggle with mathematics at school. Domus asked me many pertinent questions to better understand her requirements. Domus provided me with a very professional and highly competent tutor who quickly established a rapport with my daughter. The tutor was careful to establish with both me and my daughter what it was that we wanted – did we want homework or was that too much on top of her current homework commitments? Our tutor  – and it did feel as if she was very much there for both of us – also went through my daughter’s school book on each visit to see what she was doing in the class room. Maths homework set by the school was discussed and if help was needed it was given. Any mocks undertaken were looked at and areas identified that needed strengthening. Periodically my daughter was tested on work done weeks later to ensure she had retained that knowledge. At the end of every lesson the tutor would give me a de-brief on the lesson and how my daughter was doing, and she was always honest with both of us. It is fair to say my daughter does not enjoy maths, but I could hear my shy daughter talking and laughing with her tutor which was lovely. As my daughter progressed through senior school some of her maths teachers were less than ideal. There were changes of staff and my daughter would have to establish a relationship with each of them. The constant was her maths tutor via Domus. We are now awaiting her GCSE results, but I know I have done all I can to support my daughter thanks to Domus. I know that they gave her the best opportunity to pass this exam & I know, without them, the chances of her passing, or even passing well, would have been vastly reduced. I have recommended Domus to various friends over the years who have used them for a variety of subjects and for differing age ranges. All have been very happy with the service they have received & all have noticed an improvement in their child’s work. I recommend you to try them and judge for yourself. Ms. L. of Iford. August 2018

Thank you so much for finding two tutors for my A Level retakes, it helped me massively to understand the subjects in a way I couldn’t before.  So incredibly helpful and kind, would 100% recommend. Miss. T. of Barton August 2018

I would happily recommend Domus Tutoring. I have used them a number of times for both of my children in both primary and secondary schools, always with a positive outcome. Mrs. B. of Christchurch. August 2018

 Since being tutored for English and Maths I have seen improvements in all aspects of my work and these skills have also been carried onto other subjects. I am still awaiting my GCSE results but regardless I’d like to say that I have enjoyed my 5 years of tuition from Domus. Many thanks. Mr. L. of Highcliffe August 2018

We have been very pleased and satisfied with the progress our son has made since he started tuition you have provided. He is now working at his age level in both Maths and English which is super! He has benefited greatly from the one to one sessions. His confidence has increased and he is enjoying learning. If he requires extra assistance in the future we will be touch. Thank you for all your assistance. Mrs. H. of  Christchurch. August 2018

Thank you for the good luck card. I hope all has gone well for my son, we will find out in August! I am very pleased with the standard of teaching provided by the tutors arranged by Domus. My son’s needs in 2 different subjects were different but the tutors were able to adapt to give him what he needed. I found both friendly, approachable and very flexible. Both went out of their way to provide additional materials and resources and my son’s knowledge gaps were capably addressed. I believe he went into his GCSEs far better prepared than would have been the case and with regards to Spanish hopefully looking at a good pass rather than a straight pass.  Kind Regards Mr. Q. of Queen’s Park. July 2018

Our tutor has been absolutely outstanding and our son has really enjoyed having him. Our son is now doing really well and I no longer feel he needs the tuition. Many thanks. Mrs. D. of Somerford. June 2018

I feel that my son has come on in leaps and bounds since being tutored by his Domus tutor and now I’d like to see how he gets on once at secondary school. I will definitely be in touch with you if I feel the boys are ever in need of extra tuition again. Many thanks and best wishes. Mrs. D. of Bournemouth. June 2018

Thank you so much, to all at Domus Tutoring, you’ve been a great help. Amazing service from Domus Tutoring who were also able to magic up tutors at short notice, which for our daughter really helped settle nerves during a difficult period running up to exams. Excellent and reliable tutors both long and short term for us. Highly recommend. Mrs. S. of Ringwood. June 2018

I would like to thank you for finding a tutor for my daughter.  The tutor has been helping her with the complexities of Year 5/6 English and maths for approximately 2 years and we are both very happy with the progress she has made, in terms of both ability and confidence.  The tutoring was targeted around the  11+ exam, but then we continued until the SATS. I would like to express our thanks for arranging such a suitable tutor for my daughter – her natural, kind way of teaching suited us and the knowledgeshe has is exceptional.  We will miss her weekly visits as she quickly became a member of our little family.  I would highly recommend Domus Tutoring and our tutor. Miss. T. of Southbourne. May 2018

I would like to take the opportunity, despite the outcome of the GCSE results, to let you know how happy I have been with both of my son’s tutors. He has never grumbled over seeing them which I think speaks volumes and also considering how long he has been seeing his maths tutor. They are both exceptional tutors who I would, and have, highly recommend with their vast amount of experience and adaptability. They have been a pleasure to have in my home. The maths tutor is kind and her willingness for my son to do well is on a par with how I feel. Equally with the English tutor who has gone above and beyond any of my expectations. My son’s words to describe them are kind, helpful and positive. Thank you so much, fingers crossed for good results and thank you kindly for the good luck card. Mrs. DS of Highcliffe. May 2018

Thank you. My daughter has been very happy and loves her teacher; she’s going to miss her when her tuition lessons finish!!  Many thanks. Miss. S. of Springbourne. May 2018

We want to thank you for our tutor, she has been brilliant and helped our daughter so much. Thank you. Mrs. M. of Littledown. April 2018

We are more than happy for our words to be put on the Domus Tutoring website as we were very pleased with the work our tutor did with our daughter, thank you. We found her to be a fantastic tutor and she has really helped our daughter improve on her school work so thank you for that. Mrs. B. of Highcliffe April 2018

My daughter’s science tutor has been amazing! Their final session will be 31st May 2018. I will contact you again in the autumn when I know where my daughter is going for 6th form as she may want an ‘A Level’ English Literature tutor to give her a bit of confidence. Also, if she doesn’t pass her GCSE maths I will need a tutor. Should this happen, we would like our last tutor to help her again as we understand that he does also teach maths. Many thanks for all your help as always…I’ll let you know how my daughter does in her science exams. Mrs. A. of Highcliffe. April 2018

It was a pleasure to see how well my son responded to the excellent tutoring he received. He clearly enjoyed his sessions, quickly developing a rapport with his tutor and engaging very well for the whole hour. We would be happy to recommend Domus tutors. Ms. B of Pokesdown. April 2018

We have been very pleased with the work the tutor did with our daughter, thank you. We have found our tutor to be a fantastic tutor and she has really helped our daughter improve on her school work and we are pleased with the progress. Thank you. Mrs. B. of Highcliffe. February 2018