Testimonial 2017

For the time being we’d like to give our son a break from tutoring whilst he settles into senior school and all the after school activities he’s signed up to plus the daily homework! If he requires support in the future we would definitely like to continue with the same tutor who has been an excellent influence keeping our son motivated during each lesson which resulted in good SATs results.  We’re extremely grateful for her patience and support over the last couple of years. Many thanks. Mrs. H. of Iford. October 2017

We have recently had a parents evening and I’m very pleased to report the teacher has been very impressed with my son, his learning and the levels he is attaining. With this in mind, we have decided to stop his tutoring at Christmas. We have been very impressed with the tutor. She has instilled a confidence into my son with his English – his keenness to learn, read and write has been as a direct result of our tutor.  If we were to feel he required any further assistance with any aspect of his work, we wouldn’t hesitate in requesting tuition and the same tutor again. Mrs. M. of Mudeford. October 2017

I cannot praise our tutor and her ability to help my son enough.  She has done the most amazing job getting him through Year 6 and passing all his SATs!  Now our son is in secondary school he is doing well and after a discussion with our tutor she feels that she no longer needs to help him. If we require further help with his secondary education I will definitely come back to Domus Tutoring. We will of course continue to have the same tutor for our younger son on a weekly basis. I have nothing but praise for our tutor. Mrs. D. of Littledown. October 2017

My son enjoyed his tuition lessons. The tutor had an amazing manner about him and was very patient with my son; the tutor made sure he really understood what he was learning. The tuition my son received from the tutor was amazing and has helped my son considerably. Ms. S. of Christchurch. September 2017

I can’t thank Domus Tutoring enough for supplying such an excellent English tutor for my son who has just finished his GCSEs 2017.My son’s tutor was not only professional, caring and always happy, he was extremely supportive and a very enthusiastic tutor.Through having one to one tutoring, my son went on to achieve all expectations in his English Language and English Literature GCSEs. I definitely recommend having a tutor as my son’s tutor taught him to be ‘The best that he can be.’ Mrs. H. of Southbourne September 2017

My daughter has always really enjoyed school and excelled in English however really started to struggle with Maths when they heightened the expectations  of the children last year.  We experienced periods of tears when she realised that she could not independently complete her homework and would not accept help from us which would often lead to unnecessary stress at the weekends. We decided to seek the assistance of a tutor once a week during year 6 to prepare her for her SAT’s.  We are pleased to say that she really enjoyed her lessons and if she did find a particular piece of homework challenging then it became the focus of the next tutor lesson.  Her recent school report stated ” that there had been a huge increase in her confidence over the past year and shown real determination to grasp new concepts.  She made steady progress and should feel really proud of what she has achieved.   She has worked exceptionally hard to improve her quick mental calculations with some pleasing results, sometimes surprising herself!”. I know that at school they were always pushing forward onto a new topic and my daughter fell behind and didn’t know how to catch up.  I really feel that she has a good basic grounding in Maths now and no longer fears the subject.  I would not hesitate to recommend Domus Tutoring service and would certainly consider again in the future if needed. Many thanks and best wishes. Mrs. L. of Christchurch. July 2017

Original testimonial is on the testimonials page 3 and dated October 2013. My reason for writing is to give you a copy of our son’s final Year 6 report and his SATS scoring which I think you will be very pleased with.  We still have enormous gratitude to you and hold you very highly in our hearts for all your help and support you gave to our son – we really will be eternally grateful. If ever you are passing you are more than welcome to pop in for a coffee and a catch-up – our home is always open to you. Thank you.Mrs. L. of Walkford. July 2017

Our daughter enjoyed being taught by her tutor which obviously made her more enthusiastic. I have been delighted with the tutor and her teaching methods and how well our daughter has developed and enjoyed her time learning with her. She was very thorough and gave our daughter a mixture of learning tools and tasks. Her tuition was fantastic, she was more than prepared for each lesson, her creativity and format to learn from was superb. She was organised, early to each lesson and used the Greek mythology theme very effectively within the learning. It was great that our daughter had such a good relationship with her, which in turn helped her develop further, particularly in maths. The Domus proprietor has also been a great support from the start and put my mind at ease, entering into something I felt was fairly daunting. So I’m very grateful to you both. Thank you for being so very good at what you do! Mrs. W. of Ringwood. July 2017

I would like to thank you for finding a tutor for my daughter. The tutor has been helping her with her Maths since last November and we are thrilled with the progress she has made, in terms of both ability and confidence. We would like to express our gratitude for all the hard work our tutor has put in over the last few months and we wish you both all the very best.  We will be recommending Domus Tutoring to anyone we know who is looking for a tutor. Mr. & Mrs. L. of Pokesdown. July 2017

We have had very thorough and flexible tuition, care and advice from everyone at Domus with both our children. The teaching has always accounted for different learning styles. The tutor is positive and approachable, we will miss her. She and the proprietor have been a huge support and we appreciate the care they have shown our children and their tremendous experience in their field. Mrs. W. of West Southbourne. July 2017

The service we received from Domus Tutoring was excellent.  Organised brilliantly by the proprietor.  We have used the same tutor for both our daughters (two years apart) to help them through their GCSEs.  One hour a week of one to one tuition, made a real difference. The tutor tailored every session to their needs, helping them both cope with the more difficult aspects of the curriculum.  It has proved to be a real benefit to both our daughters. Thank you to Domus Tutoring and our tutor! Mr. & Mrs. D. of Highcliffe. June 2017

I was recommended Domus Tutoring by a friend of mine. Following a detailed conversation with the proprietor, I felt confident that she understood what was needed, and therefore sourced the right tutor for my daughter who is studying for A levels. Having never used a tutor before, I was not aware initially how important it is to get the right tutor for my daughter’s personality and learning style. This has been a key component to the success of the tutoring, and so I am very grateful to the proprietor for taking the time initially to really understand what was required. I have found the whole process and relationship with Domus Tutoring and also our tutor to be highly professional, easy and friendly. There has been a reassuring attention to detail regarding expectations, safeguarding and communication. Our tutor has been an excellent choice. He has had a strong and positive influence on my daughter. His academic and teaching credentials are exemplary, and also I have found that he really understood what made my daughter “tick” quite early on, and so was able to tailor his approach to her. She quickly developed a trusting and warm relationship with him and has grown in confidence as a result. I genuinely believe that he has made a significant difference to her learning this year. As a parent I couldn’t be happier with the whole process. I would certainly fully recommend both our tutor and Domus Tutoring. Mrs. S. of Lower Parkstone. June 2017

 Firstly, can I just say what a great experience it has been for both boys to have your tutors for their exam preparations. Our GCSE tutor, has really made a difference in our eldest son’s progress and he actually feels, for the first time, like he will be able to manage the exams. Both of our younger son’s tutors have also shown great patience and support too and we are delighted with his successful Common Entrance results. So thank you. Mrs. C. of Poole. June 2017

After about 5 years and one term, our daughter had her last lesson with our tutor  two days ago and her SATs start tomorrow. The progress that she has made in that time is phenomenal. She started by being barely able to write the first line of any literacy exercise and now can work independently on her own to a good standard. Her maths has always been stronger than her literacy but she has continued to improve in this area and made great progress as well. Not only has the standard of her work improved, but her attitude to work is now more positive. This has been demonstrated by her spending a lot time recently doing SATs practice papers and revision sheets on her own initiative without us needing to prompt her. Overall we are delighted with the results of the tutor’s hard work and also we would like to thank you for sending her to us. We feel quite sad as our tutor has become a regular fixture at our house and we will miss her weekly visits. Finally thank you for the card that you sent to our daughter and the kind and encouraging words that it contained. She was particularly pleased to pick out that the bear on the card had written her name on the letter that it was writing. If we have any future tutoring requirements we will be in contact. Best wishes.Mr. & Mrs. A. of Christchurch. May 2017                                                      

I am very pleased with the progress my son has made with our tutor. He liked her, has enjoyed working with her and I was pleased that he engaged well with her. Many thanks. Mrs. P. of Bournemouth. May 2017

Our daughter really enjoyed her lessons with the tutor, a lovely lady, kind, attentive and patient – a great teacher. We wouldn’t hesitate to ask for her again should the opportunity arise to re-initiate Latin tutoring in the future. Once again thank you for your support. Mr. & Mrs. S. and daughter of Ringwood March 2017

I was really pleased with the way the tutor got to know my son and used his interests to inspire his learning. I’ve seen my son’s confidence really grow. Many thanks again for everything. Miss. M. of Hengistbury Head. March 2017

 Thank you once again on sending us another lovely tutor, I will not hesitate in recommending your services to others. Mrs. P. of Iford, February 2017

 We will miss our tutor. We have had a fantastically positive parents evening report mainly due to his hard work. We have been extremely happy with the excellent level of tutoring which our son has received over the past 10 months or so. We will certainly be back in touch if he feels he needs guidance once again. Many thanks indeed. Mrs. S. of Southbourne, February 2017