Testimonials 2010 – 2012

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time out last week to discuss my son. I really appreciated it… and thanks for keeping in touch…Thank you for your advice, as ever it is very much appreciated… Many thanks again for all your help and support previously, you’ve been a godsend! 🙂 Thank you. Mrs B.S. of Hengistbury Head, November 2012

 “…a very kind and fun tutor. He looked forward to his lessons with her each week…lessons were well prepared and planned specifically to his needs…had the ability to know how to get the best out of him each week…very professional and supportive tutor…gentle reassuring approach to learning which he responded to very well…full of praise…encouraged him when he found a task hard…developed a lovely relationship based on respect for each other…so much more confidence, pride and self belief which finally contributed to him achieving an overall level 5 in his Literacy and Numeracy SATs 2012…offered me advice and support when I needed it…I would have no hesitation in recommending her outstanding tutoring services – as it was the best decision I made for my son.” Mrs. P. H. of Southbourne. August 2012

“Your help with our daughter has been amazing and your guidance for us is priceless!” Mr & Mrs D. of Tiptoe July 2012

 “…has worked wonders with my daughter. When she started secondary school, she was unable to speak or write any Spanish. Within six months she has progressed with good grades. I would recommend her…she tailors each lesson and also helps with her written and verbal school homework.” Mrs. T.H. of Southbourne. July 2012

“Thank you for your excellent and timely services” Mr. S.M. of Wick. November, 2011

 “…extremely helpful…made sure I was confident with everything the night before my test…treated me as a normal person and in a kind way…I would definitely recommend him as an encouraging man who explained maths in a clear way…” Miss H.B. of Littledown. October 2011

“He came highly recommended after assisting a friend’s daughter achieve success in Basic Skills… very patient…he has continued where I am sure many tutors might have given up. I have no hesitation in recommending him” Mr. D. K. of Poole. October 2011

 “…a good, caring teacher. Lessons are carefully and thoughtfully prepared and are presented in an approachable manageable way… A gentle reassuring approach.” Mr. H. of Christchurch. July 2011

 “… had a massive positive effect not just on his learning but also on his self-esteem and confidence. All lessons were very carefully and thoughtfully prepared and presented in a way that he found approachable and not intimidating…his reading greatly benefited… had such a great influence over his standard of work…I saw a very positive step forward with his self-confidence whilst he was being tutored…” L. S. of Poole. August 2010