Testimonials 2016

Our Domus tutor was a fantastic tutor to our son. He built a great level of rapport which meant he gained his respect and trust. This enabled him to grasp our son’s attention so he enjoyed the work and even said he found it fun!! Thank you for your support in preparing our son for the 11+. Ms. O’B of Christchurch, October 2016

My daughter decided she wanted to sit the 11+ six months before the exams were being held. After a while of helping her myself, I decided to enlist the help of a Domus tutor. I am really glad I did as her tutor’s experience of what to expect and help with exam technique was really invaluable. She was also very positive and gave my daughter confidence, which I am sure helped her to gain the good pass she did .I was also impressed with the follow up offered from the owner of Domus Tutoring after the 11+ results came out.  I was given excellent advice on my daughter’s pass mark and whether she was in a strong position to put the grammar school as her first choice. Many thanks from us both for the tutoring and advice. Will let you know in March how my daughter got on. Mrs. L-C. of Christchurch, October 2016

We were recommended Domus Tutoring by a friend. We initially wanted a tutor as we felt that our child was being over looked at school and not reaching his full potential.   After discussing our concerns with Domus we decided to opt for a tutor who would help our son pass the local 11+ exam.  The tutor who was recommended matched our son’s needs perfectly. She understood his learning style and worked on his weaknesses where he lacked confidence. Over the 2 years she visited us, she felt part of the family and brought the best out in our son. Homework was never a chore and in fact enjoyed. Needless to say he passed the test with flying colours and did extremely well in his SATs as well. We miss her weekly visits. Mrs. L. of Christchurch, September 2016

I am extremely happy with the service received and very impressed with my tutor. I felt the ‘A Level’ exams were very challenging but I did well at them so I am hoping for the best in August. When I find out my results, I will email you to let you know! Desperate to find out now! Mr. M. of Littledown. July 2016

We are very grateful to our tutor for all his help and hard work as our daughter has certainly improved in her English over the last year or so. Mr. & Mrs. A. Christchurch, July 2016

Thank you so much for the genuine care and support we have received from Domus. We initially sourced a Maths tutor through Domus for our eldest son in his GCSE year as his confidence had taken a nose dive. We were so impressed with her that we then decided to combine her visit each week to also tutor our youngest son. I cannot fault her professionalism and enthusiasm with both children. Through her calm and caring approach, combined with faultless subject knowledge, she has greatly boosted their confidence and self belief which in turn has helped improve their grades. My eldest awaits his GCSE results and we are continuing with the same tutor going forward for my youngest son. I would not hesitate in recommending Domus to anyone requiring a tutor. The Proprietor goes out of her way to listen to individual requirements to ensure she proposes the best tutor to suit your needs. She even sent my son a hand written good luck card at the start of his GCSE’s which shows what a truly caring company Domus is. Mrs H. Barton on sea, July 2016

We were more than impressed by the level of professionalism and enthusiasm that the Domus tutor shared with our daughter.  The one to one sessions in English and maths really boosted her confidence levels and her self-esteem.  It was remarkable to see our daughter’s progress improve and we look forward to receiving her KS2 SAT’s results.  Many thanks to our wonderful tutor.  Mr & Mrs W. Christchurch, June 2016

Thank you so much for the tutoring that our son received from your maths tutor. She was absolutely brilliant and instantly clicked and understood our son. Her patience meant that she managed to get him to focus, read the question slowly and carefully and instantly improve his scores. These skills transferred to all subjects and fingers crossed he should be rewarded with some good SATs results. We have been impressed and may get in touch with you next year for a little help with our daughter who will be in Year 9 – thinking about getting her prepared for ks4.  It is certainly something we will keep in mind as she progresses towards KS4. Many thanks. Mrs. E. of Highcliffe, June 2016

Our son feels that he did really well in his SATs and even declared some of them to be ‘easy’! Thank you for the good luck card, he appreciated it. We will desperately miss our tutor. She has made such a positive influence in our son’s learning and he really looks forward to her coming. Had he not been moving to a private school we would have kept her on. He will be upset to lose her as will we. I definitely think that his confidence in himself is from the tutor’s positivity. I’m not sure when the SATs results are released but  as soon as I receive them I’ll let you know. Thank you. Mrs. M. of Queen’s Park, Bournemouth, June 2016

Our tutor has done such a great job with our son to the point where he just  got the second best mark in his recent French conversation exam out of 150 boys. Amazing for a boy who could barely say bonjour last September. I have told our tutor how grateful we are and that our son is now happy to stop his lessons as he is doing so well. I also wanted to thank you for choosing this tutor for us, we would recommend him so highly to any future clients who want French tuition. As with our Domus 11+ tutor before him, our French teacher has been a wonderful tutor and Domus Tutoring (i.e. the proprietor) a pleasure to work with. You are all very supportive and professional and above all extremely effective at your jobs. Mrs. M. of New Milton, May 2016

I would like to start  by saying thank you so much for arranging a tutor for my son. Out tutor has helped him so much and his confidence has grown week after week after the tuition lessons. His improvement in maths has already been shown in his last practice SATs test where he achieved 34 out of 40 for his arithmetic test. This is a huge improvement for him and we are so proud of him. Our son is now feeling a lot more confident as the SATs get closer and I’m sure over the next few weeks with the tutors continued help he’ll be fully ready to achieve the best of his ability. The tutor has been so good at building his confidence. I will always recommend Domus to my friends. If in the future my son needs any further help or my daughter I will contact you straight away. Mrs. R. of Bearwood, April, 2016

Thank you so much for providing a great tutor, my daughter has found the help valuable and I will not hesitate to recommence if we need it again. Mrs. M. of Highcliffe, April 2016

We want to assure you that our daughter has been enjoying her lessons with her tutor very much. Please be sure that it’s been a pleasure to work with Domus Tutoring. Thank you for all your support; we will definitely recommend Domus Tutoring to anyone interested in high quality tutoring. Mr. and Mrs. B. and daughter M. of Parkstone, April 2016

I am really pleased with the progress my daughter has made and tutoring she has received. I appreciate everything that your tutor has done for her. Thank you. Mrs. D. of New Milton, March 2016

A big thank-you to Domus Tutoring for supplying my son with a brilliant English tutor! My son was apprehensive about having a tutor but I felt he needed a little extra help as he was going into year 9 and I felt this year was going to be a harder year for him. My son’s English tutor was gentle, friendly and very enthusiastic. He took time to get to know my son personally, realising very quickly his strengths and weaknesses. He took time to plan the lessons well and my son found his tutor to be very clear in explaining what he needed to do and how to achieve his set targets. Throughout the year my son’s confidence grew and grew and this resulted in him finding his Year 9 English lessons at school more enjoyable. Because of my son’s brilliant English tutor he was able to achieve a high grade in his end of Year 9 exams! I have no hesitation in recommending my son’s English tutor to any potential client who is considering extra help for their child. Mrs. H. of Southbouth, March 2016