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Our tutor has done such a great job with our son to the point where he just  got the second best mark in his recent French conversation exam out of 150 boys. Amazing for a boy who could barely say bonjour last September. I have told our tutor how grateful we are and that our son is now happy to stop his lessons as he is doing so well. I also wanted to thank you for choosing this tutor for us, we would recommend him so highly to any future clients who want French tuition. As with our Domus 11+ tutor before him, our French teacher has been a wonderful tutor and Domus Tutoring (i.e. the proprietor) a pleasure to work with. You are all very supportive and professional and above all extremely effective at your jobs. Mrs. M. of New Milton, May 2016

I would like to start  by saying thank you so much for arranging a tutor for my son. Out tutor has helped him so much and his confidence has grown week after week after the tuition lessons. His improvement in maths has already been shown in his last practice SATs test where he achieved 34 out of 40 for his arithmetic test. This is a huge improvement for him and we are so proud of him. Our son is now feeling a lot more confident as the SATs get closer and I’m sure over the next few weeks with the tutors continued help he’ll be fully ready to achieve the best of his ability. The tutor has been so good at building his confidence. I will always recommend Domus to my friends. If in the future my son needs any further help or my daughter I will contact you straight away. Mrs. R. of Bearwood, April, 2016

Thank you so much for providing a great tutor, my daughter has found the help valuable and I will not hesitate to recommence if we need it again. Mrs. M. of Highcliffe, April 2016

We want to assure you that our daughter has been enjoying her lessons with her tutor very much. Please be sure that it’s been a pleasure to work with Domus Tutoring. Thank you for all your support; we will definitely recommend Domus Tutoring to anyone interested in high quality tutoring. Mr. and Mrs. B. and daughter M. of Parkstone, April 2016

I am really pleased with the progress my daughter has made and tutoring she has received. I appreciate everything that your tutor has done for her. Thank you. Mrs. D. of New Milton, March 2016

A big thank-you to Domus Tutoring for supplying my son with a brilliant English tutor! My son was apprehensive about having a tutor but I felt he needed a little extra help as he was going into year 9 and I felt this year was going to be a harder year for him. My son’s English tutor was gentle, friendly and very enthusiastic. He took time to get to know my son personally, realising very quickly his strengths and weaknesses. He took time to plan the lessons well and my son found his tutor to be very clear in explaining what he needed to do and how to achieve his set targets. Throughout the year my son’s confidence grew and grew and this resulted in him finding his Year 9 English lessons at school more enjoyable. Because of my son’s brilliant English tutor he was able to achieve a high grade in his end of Year 9 exams! I have no hesitation in recommending my son’s English tutor to any potential client who is considering extra help for their child. Mrs. H. of Southbouth, March 2016

I would highly recommended Domus Tutoring, I found them very helpful and informative in regards to the Bournemouth Entrance exam and what would be expected of my son if he were to take this exam. Even though my son was bright, I decided to go ahead and get some tutoring for him to prepare him for the exam. The tutor my son had was very good and had a great way of getting the best from him. My son would look forward to his lessons each week and would want to complete any homework set straight after his lesson. I would like to say a big thank you to Domus Tutoring for preparing my son for his exam. Mrs. J. of Bournemouth, November 2015

Thank you…we have been more than satisfied with your service and our tutor was lovely. Our son really took to him!  …we want to tutor for the 11+ next September… I have passed your details on to a friend in Verwood. Mrs. P. of Iford, Bournemouth, October 2015

Regardless of the 11+ result your tutors have both done a power of good for my daughter’s mathematical and general education improvement. I have noticed that my little girl has turned into a proper student at school and the teachers have noticed too. I had a meeting with her teacher who said my daughter has improved 10 fold. The teacher recently did an assessment to see where my daughter is with her maths and she has been moved up and into the top stream, something I wanted for the last two years. My daughter has always been in the top stream with ever thing else but not maths. I have forwarded her weekly Mathletics report and she has had 100% for the last 3 weeks. Prior to the tuition she was struggling to make 80 % so please once again pass on my thanks to your tutors. (Also) Mr. M. of Poole, October 2015

I have been very pleased with our tutor and feel the lessons have been a real benefit to my daughter. The tutor has been great with her. I found his method of teaching for her worked very nicely. I have been very happy with the tuition received from him. I would like to thank you for your support as well and would not hesitate to recommend you in the future. Once again many thanks. Mrs. R of Highcliffe, September 2015

 My daughter has come on leaps and bounds with the tutor and I am very impressed with her as a tutor, very dedicated and plans her lessons well. My daughter is now prepared for the 11+ exam, without your tuition she would of had a very daunting task ahead of her. She is confident and looking forward to the exam. Regardless of the result my daughter is much wiser for the experience and I am pleased that she has been tutored by the tutor you sent to us. I am sure we will call on her expertise again in the future. Mr. M. of Poole, September 2015

We were delighted with our son’s tutor, it really helped to provide him with confidence in preparation for his SATs. His approach suited our son down to the ground, we would highly recommend to other parents. Tuition for our younger child is something we definitely want to pursue at some stage. Mrs. H. of Walkford, August 2015

 I found Domus on the Primary Times website, they found us an amazing tutor.  My daughter was a level 3c in English writing and was really struggling, the tutor helped my daughter so much that in 6 months she has leapt to a level 5c and achieved level 5 in all of her SATS.  Concentration was on English but this has had an effect on all other subjects.  My daughter enjoyed her sessions and never found them a chore, she always looked forward to the next one.  The tutor became a good friend and we will keep in touch, we will miss seeing her once a week.  I won’t hesitate to contact Domus should we need more help over the next few challenging years. Mrs. T. of Bournemouth, July 2015   

My son has really enjoyed the tutor sessions and is going to miss them. Thank you for everything and the tutor has been amazing for my son. He will miss her. Mrs. D. of Ensbury Park, July 2015

Although Domus was recommended to me I have to admit with a capable but lazy literacy hating boy I was skeptical.  However after a couple of weeks (settling in) he flourished and exceeded my expectations. The tutor invested a lot of thought in to the lessons which were tailored around topics he enjoyed and he absolutely flourished – I can’t thank you enough.  I would recommend Domus without hesitation! Mrs. B-P. of Christchurch. June 2015                 

I approached Domus Tutoring following a recommendation from other parents. My son had lost a lot of confidence at school from being consistently overlooked and was very quiet as a result. Domus took the time to understand the kind of tutor I wanted (in his case nurturing and encouraging rather than strict or pushy), and the tutor they selected met us to ensure my son was happy to have extra lessons with her. We started at the beginning of year six leading up to SATs and during this time she built up his confidence and steered him towards getting the best possible results. Mostly by improving his core knowledge and working on any weak areas, but also by applying techniques to score the most marks from the questions asked, and giving him the confidence to try. I would definitely recommend Domus to other parents. Mr B. of Highcliffe, June 2015

Domus Tutoring have, over the months leading up to the year six SAT tests, instilled and nurtured a sense of confidence in our daughter that has complemented the efforts of her year six teachers. The result is a much more cheerful and outgoing child who is happy to share her thoughts and ideas with others, whether in the context of the classroom or around the dinner table with a group of our adult friends! There’s no question that, with the help of Domus Tutoring, she is now in a much better place to face the trials and tribulations associated with her imminent move to high school. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Mr. H. of  Parkston, June 2015

Firstly, thank you very much for my daughter’s good luck card. It was so thoughtful of you & she really appreciated it. Both my daughter & myself have been extremely happy with her tutor, thank you. She is always professional,methodical & plans in advance the areas that need addressing. She is currently juggling days to fit in with my daughter’s exam timetable, which is very kind of her. Most importantly, my daughter feels at ease in her company, which is essential for her. Thank you also for your support & guidance with tutoring; it has been so nice to feel that I could discuss any concerns with you & that you would do your utmost to help. I would be delighted to recommend Domus to anyone seeking tutoring support. Mrs. T. of Queen’s Park, Bournemouth, May 2015

Our daughter has benefitted greatly from the weekly tutor sessions to support her revision techniques for GCSEs.  The tutor has always been reliable, friendly and created a good working relationship. It has proved to be a worthwhile investment, and we would highly recommend Domus Tutoring. Thank you. Mr and Mrs. D of Highcliffe, May 2015

We were very pleased with Domus Tutoring. Our son’s tutor was always reliable, enthusiastic and motivating. He built a good relationship with our son, encouraging him and giving him much more confidence.  Our son never minded having these extra lessons and his Maths and English improved considerably and we were very impressed.  We cannot thank the tutor enough.  We also appreciated the Good Luck card our son received from Domus Tutoring just before his SATs.  We would highly recommend Domus Tutoring and would not hesitate to use them again…Thank you to Domus Tutoring and our tutor for all your help and support. Our son really has come on in leaps and bounds! Mrs. O. of The New Forest, May 2015

Thank you once again for the use of your services – I’m sure I will be contacting you again at some point but in the meantime, many thanks. Mrs. L-H. of Southbourne, May 2015

…I fully endorse your service…both Domus Tutoring and the tutor are a true inspiration to education and to values in life…Thank you again for all your kindness and continued support. Mrs. S. of Christchurch, April 2015

We have been very impressed with how the tutor has worked hard to understand our son as an individual, build lessons around his interests and motivate him to learn…great foundation from the tutor. Thank you to the tutor and Domus for your excellent work. Mr. L. of Mudeford, December 2014

I’d just like to thank you for all your support and encouragement over the last couple of years. The tutor was excellent and we wouldn’t have achieved the hoped for results without her. She guided my two children and myself through a very ‘trying’ process and was always very encouraging, nurturing and understanding of what was required to bring the best out of the children. Always on time for lessons and very flexible with changing lesson times if required. Although it was tough going at times, somehow she managed to win them round and get them back on track! Superb in every way and I’m so grateful you were recommended to us. I have and will continue to pass the recommendation forward. Mrs. J. of Parkstone, November 2014

Domus Tutoring was recommended to us to help with 11plus preparation for our son. We were delighted with our tutor whose energy and enthusiasm rubbed off on our son and made the extra work bearable for all. The company were also fabulous to deal with – honest and clear about the work involved, great at matching him with the right tutor, truthful about whether our son should try for grammar school, and excellent at communicating with me to check how our tutor was working out and before and after the actual exam. They all went the extra mile, which we really appreciated. We wholeheartedly recommend them and I almost miss the extra work with my son and his tutorials… Almost! A great result too which has really boosted my son’s confidence and enthusiasm to work at what he finds challenging. Mrs. M. of New Milton, November 2014


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